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I've been having ear problems on and off since a bout of bronchitis last September. The first bout cleared up on its own, the second (which had me nearly deaf and with earaches) required draining in the doctors office, and the third bout cleared up on its own. Now I'm dealing with bout number four and I'm heading for the deafness and earache portion of the show. Over the counter ear rinse packages aren't working at all. My primary care physician has thrown his hands up and referred me to an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat). Hopefully, she can fix this. I'm getting desperate.

[ profile] count_gunthar and I celebrated five years together last Friday. It just doesn't seem that long. ;) Anyway, he made reservations at what was touted as a nice steakhouse but in reality was mediocre at best. While I loved the company, the dinner was less than stellar and I doubt we'll be returning for a second visit. The most amusing part? The table they originally sat us at was directly under a vent with the air blowing hard enough to move my hair. We were moved after a brief "argument" with the waiter, and then watched with amusement the rest of the evening as they unsuccessfully tried to seat anyone at that table.

On Sunday, we met the members of our France tour group for an informal cocktail hour held at a very nice high-rise apartment overlooking the Turtle Creek area. Gunthar learned he is one of only two men going with our small group (picture me laughing here) and that our tour guide, Nicole, and I are probably the youngest members. It's an eclectic sort of group and I think we'll end up traveling well together. We'd better - it's two weeks.

Posting on the actual trip details to follow...

Date: 2011-08-08 05:20 pm (UTC)
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I want to go to Paris again!!!

If you get a chance dance under the Eiffle Tower as the fog lifts through it at 2 in the morning. It will be a very magical moment.

That is by far my favorite memory of going to Paris. I went with a co-worker that went there for a job interview. :)


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