Aug. 8th, 2011

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I've been having ear problems on and off since a bout of bronchitis last September. The first bout cleared up on its own, the second (which had me nearly deaf and with earaches) required draining in the doctors office, and the third bout cleared up on its own. Now I'm dealing with bout number four and I'm heading for the deafness and earache portion of the show. Over the counter ear rinse packages aren't working at all. My primary care physician has thrown his hands up and referred me to an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat). Hopefully, she can fix this. I'm getting desperate.

[ profile] count_gunthar and I celebrated five years together last Friday. It just doesn't seem that long. ;) Anyway, he made reservations at what was touted as a nice steakhouse but in reality was mediocre at best. While I loved the company, the dinner was less than stellar and I doubt we'll be returning for a second visit. The most amusing part? The table they originally sat us at was directly under a vent with the air blowing hard enough to move my hair. We were moved after a brief "argument" with the waiter, and then watched with amusement the rest of the evening as they unsuccessfully tried to seat anyone at that table.

On Sunday, we met the members of our France tour group for an informal cocktail hour held at a very nice high-rise apartment overlooking the Turtle Creek area. Gunthar learned he is one of only two men going with our small group (picture me laughing here) and that our tour guide, Nicole, and I are probably the youngest members. It's an eclectic sort of group and I think we'll end up traveling well together. We'd better - it's two weeks.

Posting on the actual trip details to follow...
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[ profile] count_gunthar and I are taking a once in a lifetime trip to France for two weeks at the end of October. A friend I've known since high school has a started a second career as a specialty travel arranger ( if anyone is interested) and put together a trip from Lyon to Paris for ten people on a lark. When she asked if we were interested, we hesitated all of five seconds.

The trip originally started out as a food and wine extravaganza, but has morphed into something a lot more eclectic. I think we're going to have a blast! The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Fly from DFW to Madrid and then from Madrid to Lyon (we arrive about 1:30pm). Meet at the Hotel des Artistes and settle in.

Day 2: Morning in Lyon; afternoon gastronomic visit to Lyon's famous food halls, Les Halles de Paul Bocuse, followed by a cooking class and dinner with Chef Jean Marc Villard, former instructor at the prestigious culinary Institut Paul Bocuse.

Day 3: Independent day in Lyon (we're skipping at Rhone Valley wine tour so we can see the city).

Day 4: Day trip via train to Chambery in the French Alps.

Day 5: Train to Dijon; check into Hotel du Nord. Afternoon in Dijon (going to check out the Palais de Ducs which has a medieval kitchen).

Day 6: Full day trip to Chablis, lunch and visit to the medieval castle-building project Le Chantier de Guedelon ( This excursion was originally intended for a side trip for me and Gunthar, but everyone decided they wanted to go, too!

Day 7: Group day in the wine capital Beaune and perhaps more sights in Dijon.

Day 8: Travel to Paris by train and check into Hotel Jardin de l'Odeon. Scope out the neighborhood, get to Mariage Freres while it's open, and then Nicole and I will probably head over to Rue du Bac to see the Chapel of our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, which neither of us has seen yet.

Day 9: Le Viaduc des Arts (a rail viaduct transformed into an artisan and craftsperson haven), Musee de l'Orangerie (huge Monet exhibit), Arc de Triomphe, and whatever else we decide

Day 10: Still up in the air for me (going to find a Chanel outlet, dammit), but Gunthar is taking a day course at Le Cordon Bleu (ask if he's excited about it!). Gunthar and I will split from the group late afternoon and head up to Montmartre.

Day 11: Sunday in the Marais and the Islands - a day immersed in historic Paris neighborhoods. Finish with 6:30pm mass at Notre Dame, which is usually said by the Archbishop.

Day 12: Fly home from Paris. Collapse in exhaustion.

I may not have a liver when we finish this trip...


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