Aug. 18th, 2011

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Mercury is in retrograde. How do I know this? Because every electronic thing I touch seems to be spazzing out on me. The BIOS issues with my desktop at home were apparently not resolved, because the thing decided it really liked blue screens. And, of course, the Swiss Army Knife Squire of Awesomeness was on vacation and then at Pennsic. Said Squire is coming over tonight to take a look, but I'm betting that some hardware upgrading will be required to fix this mess.

Then my work laptop decided it needed to have issues and the Yahoo IM upgrade I performed earlier this week has been nothing but major fail. I'm not even going to mention the issues I'm having with the keyboard on my little notebook. We were planning on picking up an iPad2 this weekend, but now I'm waiting until after August 29th. I just might blow it up if I don't.

The ear issue is still a problem, but I can't do anything about it until Monday, which is when I get to see the ENT. Earaches as an adult are not fun, let me tell you - especially ones that go on for days.

This week can go DIAF.


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