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For the first time in a while, I actually had a pretty normal Saturday. [ profile] count_gunthar went to Crown Tournament with his fellow knight (and former squire), leaving me with the day to myself, so I decided to just run some "me" errands. I headed over to The French Knot in west Fort Worth, a needlepoint shop that I'd been hearing about for some time. I don't do needlepoint (at least not anymore), but their thread selection was absolutely amazing. I really have to go into that place with a plan in hand - otherwise, it would be BUY ALL THE THREADS! I spent a good deal of time perusing their silk thread and the Weeks Dyeworks Floss, which are items that I have had to previously get online because no shop in the area carried them. Fell in love with a Weeks Dyeworks color called "Turkish Red", only to find a cross-stitch pattern later in the day that utilized it! It's fate!

Explorations in the area of the needlework shop led me to a Steinmart, where I found a beautiful sweater coat that I just had to have. And with wedding pictures that still need framing, I hit Aaron Brothers for their January sale and purchased six frames for $40. Yay me! The rest of the day was pretty quiet - needlework, got a pedicure, bought lottery tickets, had some dinner. Michael didn't get home until after 11pm, but he had a really good time.

Speaking of Michael, we've developed a kind of cute bedtime habit. I joined Pinterest about six months ago, and was kind of indifferent about using it until the fall last year. A couple of nights a week, we sit in bed with my iPad and just explore posts. Those evenings are my most prolific pinning excursions and result in a lot of quality time and conversations! ;)

Today will mostly be a stay at home day, except that I need to attend a local group's monthly meeting to observe any fall-out from a recent decision that had to be made (Michael will be driving me down because I'm just not up to an hour and a half in the driver's seat yet). But that's later this evening and we'll get to have dinner with some friends.

All in all, a good weekend following a craptastic week. We still miss Maddie dreadfully.
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