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I am so totally unmotivated at work today. The weather outside is gorgeous and I want nothing more than to be sitting on the patio at home on my new patio furniture, enjoying Spring. Here's hoping that the rain forecasted for this weekend doesn't materalize.

[ profile] count_gunthar and I have been making changes in the yard as often as we're able over the last month. He's been working on a garden, and I've been adding plants, shrubs and trees to the bare beds in the backyard. If the weather holds this weekend, we're going to be ripping a section of dead and dying shrubbery in the front and replacing it with some evergreens and azaleas. The phlox and snapdragons I tested in the front beds will also be removed and replaced with dianthus, or something similar that can tolerate full sun most of the day. There are two nandina bushes that need to go, but those are another project.

After several weeks of discussion, Gunthar and I have finally made our vacation plans for the fall. We had discussed Northern California, Paris, and New York, then finally settled on....Disney World. Disney had a couple of really good package deals that include park tickets, accommodations and a meal plan, so we'll be staying at the Polynesian Resort on the park property. Now we're busy trying to figure out which nice restaurants we want to eat at so we get our reservations in place ASAP. Kids will be back in school and we're going in the middle of the week, so crowds shouldn't be bad at all. We can't wait.
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